Board of Directors

Our Board & Staff

Tonya McDaniel, President – Valero
Brittany Griggs, First Vice-President – CenterPoint
Kyle Jones, Second Vice-President – MSD of Mt. Vernon
Staci Reese, Treasurer – MSD of Mt. Vernon
Kim Grimes, Secretary – Sabic

Ed Adams, Director – Alcoa (retired)
Paul Allison, Director – MSD of Mt. Vernon (retired)
Jordan Beach, Director – Youth First
Joe Crissup, Director – Consolidated Grain & Barge
Gary Fox, Director – Fortune Personnel Consultants (retired)
Triana Hulsey, Director – CenterPoint-AB Brown
Glen Kuper, Director – Sabic (retired)
Greg Oeth, Director – BWXT
Kenya Orr, Director – ProgressiveHealth
Justin Rutledge, Director – Posey County Community Corrections Chris Spurgeon, Director – MasterBrand Cabinets
Lindsay Schmitt, Director – Farmer Scott Ozete Robinson & Schmitt
Stephanie Stacy, Director – BWXT (retired)
Brooke Uhde, Director – Posey County Community Corrections
Diann Uhde, Director – Sabic (retired)
Mark Wehner, Director – Sabic
Jared Wells, Director – CenterPoint
Brian Williams, Director – McKim’s IGA

Voting Past-Presidents
Dan Ritter – SABIC (retired)
Keith Spurgeon – MSD of Mt. Vernon (retired)
Larry Williams – McKim’s IGA

Keely Winiger – Executive Director
Rhonda Wolf – Technology and Administrative Assistant

Our Mission Statement

To provide visionary leadership to assess community needs, mobilize resources, and direct those resources toward services which enhance quality of life for people living in Posey County.